Paper Linear Polarized 3D Glasses

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Paper Linear Polarized 3D Glasses

Paper Linear Polarized 3D Glasses

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These 45/135 linear polarized 3D glasses are printed navy blue on the front and are plain white on the back and matt laminated on both sides. They are also individually folded and poly-bagged for easy distribution. The matt laminination makes them more ridgid, tear resistant and a stronger option if you are after paper glasses for extended use, mutli-use or harsh conditions. The lenses in our linear polarized 3D glasses are manufactured for commercial viewing of 3D movies, multi-media displays, 3D laser shows and ride simulators.

How it Works

Linear polarized glasses have two polarizing lenses which have their polarization directions at opposing angles (90°apart). By adding the same polarized lenses in front of two projectors or lasers the left eye sees the left image but the right eye sees this as black, whereas the right eye sees the right image and blacks out the left image. Finally our brain does the rest and merges the two images together to display what we are watching in 3D.

Lens Quality, Why use our Glasses?

When it comes to viewing 3D media designed for linear polarized lenses, the quality and angle of the lenses in polarized glasses is vitally important in gaining the best effect. Don't be fooled into buying cheap polarized 3D glasses as there is an extremely high chance  the manufacturer has cut costs by using low grade lenses that will give you an inferior result. The lenses used in our polarized 3D glasses are good quality and high clarity which will guarantee the best polarized 3D effect available.

Product Specifications

Dimensions: 40mm x 37mm. Thickness: 0.5mm. Paper Materials: 2 x layers of 250Gsm. Stock Colour: PMS 295 (Navy Blue) on the front, white on the back. Construction: Lenses bonded between the two layers of card stock, printed on the front and matt laminated on both sides. Packaging: individually folded and poly-bagged.

Branded Paper Linear Polarized 3D Glasses

Why not look into branded linear polarized 3D glasses with your company logo or other advertising artwork? We can even provide them with tear-off coupons and vouchers. Whatever your requirements, give us a call to discuss your needs.


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Oz 3D Optics provide shipping of goods and accept the return of goods under the following conditions. If you visit or shop within this website, you accept these conditions. Please read them carefully.'


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