Branded Microfiber Glasses Bags


Branded red microfibre sunglasses bagsOz 3D optics can supply you with plain or custom printed microfiber bags and microfiber lens cleaning cloths at very competitive prices. Our custom branded microfiber sunglasses bags are an economical way to package your plastic 3D glasses or normal sunglasses, and provide a great looking effective advertising medium.

If you are looking for a cheaper alternative or not try our printed microfiber cloths. These lightweight polyester cloths are a great giveaway option for cleaning the lenses of plastic 3D glasses, sunglasses or cheap sunglasses.

Our minimum order quantity (MOQ) for custom printed or branded microfiber bags or cloths is approximately 500 pieces. Pretty options consist of either screen-printing in 1 to 3 colours or full-colour digital printing.

Our standard bags are manufactured from a 160 to 170gsm polyester which is available in a large range of colours. Our standard size bags are approximately 90 mm wide by 180 mm long with a double drawstring at one end.

One of the major benefits of our customised microfiber bags is the ability for us to provide any size bag from an order quantity as low as 500 pieces.

Average production time for custom printed microfiber bags and cloths is approximately 21 - 30 days plus delivery. These are able to be distributed direct from our factory to most locations around the world.

Branded black microfibre sunglasses bags Printed microfibre sunglasses bags

The benefits of microfiber bags in the cinema industry

If you are involved in the cinema industry or run a 3D cinema, our branded microfiber bags can benefit your business in the following ways.

1. By packaging your 3D glasses in microfiber sunglasses bags you will be promoting users of the glasses to save their glasses and bring them back to the cinema to watch the next movie in 3-D. This can assist in heavily reducing the carbon footprint associated with the ongoing manufacturing and disposal of the plastic  glasses. If the lenses in the 3-D glasses are protected in a microfiber bag there is absolutely no reason they cannot be used multiple times. Cinemas can then have the option of offering a discount off the price of the ticket to the next 3-D movie if the client supplies their own 3D glasses.

2. Savings can also be made by the cinema in the area of reduced handling costs as at the end of the day they do not have to collect, store and manage the recycling of as many plastic glasses.

3. Branded microfiber bags are a cheap and effective advertising medium. The great range of bright material colours available Oz 3D optics can assist you in developing a clearly identifiable form of advertising that will eventually make its way into many homes. Eventually even if the 3D glasses are damaged most people will not dispose of the microfiber bag instead they may tend to use it to store or protect an existing pair of sunglasses, and so the usefulness of this advertising medium as a possibility of a an extended life.

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