Retail 3D Glasses & 3D Products

Oz 3D Optics have a wide selection of retail 3D products. Whatever your 3D viewing needs, we're confident that you will find the right 3D glasses and 3D products for your requirements.

Fast, Secure Online Shopping

We have invested a significant amount of time and installed many features into our website, all with the sole aim of making your online interaction with their website a safe, simple, informative and stress free experience.

With our own dedicated GeoTrust 256 bit SSL certificate installed, and a vast number of security features built into our site you can be assured that according to the Australian Privacy Act any private and sensitive data entered into this site will stay safe and secure. For further information please see our Privacy Policy.

Paper and Plastic 3D Glasses

From standard anaglyph 3D glasses such as red/cyan, red blue, red green, green magenta and amber/blue (ColorCode) to polarised formats such as linear polarised and circular polarised, Oz 3D have a lot. All lens formats are available in paper with minimum order quantity is starting from just 5 to 10 pieces. We also stock specific formats like Red/Cyan, linear polarised and circular polarised glasses in a plastic glasses format. For those of you who wear prescription glasses we have clip-on, flip up 3-D glasses in Red/Cyan and green magenta formats. Simply click on a product category from the products menu on the left.

Great Local Shipping Rates

Here are Oz 3-D optics we always try to keep your shipping rates as low as possible. We have a number of different shipping methods on offer including Australia post and courier services to make sure that when you order your goods that we can offer you the cheapest, fastest and the safest delivery service to suit your needs.

Global Orders & Shipping

Oz 3D Optics can accept international orders and ship your goods to most countries around the world. Shipping service is used for overseas transactions will depend on country the goods are being sent to, your freight budget and how quickly you require your goods. Shipping times typically very between two and 21 days depending on shipping method chosen and country delivery. No matter what the shipping prices calculated by the shopping cart are, at the end of the day freight costs for global orders was calculated manually. Please see our delivery information page for further details.

So feel free to browse through our website and product range and if you have any questions please feel free to either visit our FAQ\'s section or contact us by phone or e-mail during normal business hours. No matter how trivial you think your questions may be we are always more than happy to attempt to answer your questions in full.