3D Product Design

If you're looking for a 3D product that is in some way unique, but can't seem to find any product that is suitable for your purpose then maybe we can help.

Whether it is a magazine insert, newspaper insert, 3-D glasses, 3-D viewers, plastic 3-D glasses, mail out or other 3-D product Oz 3-D optics may be able to assist you in areas ranging from concept  design, sample production and mass production.

Our years of experience with a vast range of paper and plastic 3D products gives us the experience of knowing if your idea is viable or needs modifications and changes to make it work. When assessing and designing new products we look at areas such as general look of the product,  engineering (strengths and weaknesses), project budget, weight, production time and overall production costs. Through the assessment of these key areas it gives us the best chance of coming up with solid concepts and ideas.

If you require further information on this topic please call us during normal office hours.