Wholesale Printed Paper 3D Glasses

Branded Paper 3D Glasses

If you're looking for bulk paper printed 3d glasses or branded 3D glasses, then Oz 3D Optics can help.

Oz 3D Optics offer quality bulk 3D glasses with colour matched lenses to offer the end user an excellent 3D viewing experience with good clarity and minimal ghosting. Our double sided off-set printing and optional matt lamination guarantee you a superior finish that makes our 3D glasses, durable and highly attractive..

Oz 3D Optics can ship bulk 3D glasses locally within Australia and to countries like New Zealand, the USA (United States of America), The United Kingdom (UK), Germany, France, Denmark, Belgium, Austria, Switzerland and many other countries around the world.

If you have never looked into using printed / branded 3D glasses as a marketing medium then you are missing out on an opportunity to captivate and involve your target audience on an entirely different level.

3D Advertising Campaigns Make the Difference

By using branded 3D glasses and quality 3D images or on screen media your next marketing campaign or message will have added bonus of being irresistible to the young and old alike. Customer interaction will garantee your message will achieve more than just a passing glance. With the use of the right media or artwork the visual effect of 3D can be much more impressive than a standard advertisement, leaving a lasting impression on the end user. This type of involvement and entertainment is much more likely to stay in your customers mind and be a discussion point or something that they might show family or friends because it is different or entertaining. In short 3D campaigns work much more effectively than standard advertising.

Standard or Custom Shape 3D Glasses

Oz 3D Optics can offer you a choice of using our standard size frame, or for orders in excess of 3,000 pieces you may wish to design your own custom shaped frame. Our standard shaped frame is normally suitable for 95% of applications. If you do decide that you require a custom shaped knife-line we can help you develop and check the design and engineering of your new knife. If you are planning on developing a new knife-line surcharges for the new knife, pre-production samples and the design may apply. You will also need to add add an additional two to three weeks to the production time to allow for manufacturing of the new knife, the production of samples and delivery of the new samples for inspection and approval.

Printed Paper 3D Glasses

Production Times

Typical production and delivery times for most small orders up to 20,000 pieces is approximately 14 to 21 days from art approval. Rush orders can be also be catered for. Generally for orders above 20,000 pieces we normally allow approximately 25 - 30 days for production and delivery. Production times are dependent on current factory load and time of year. To confirm production times please check with our office before placing your order.

Whatever your needs feel free to contact us to discuss your ideas or requirements. We are more that happy to assist you in finding the right promotion to fit your ideas and budget.