Branded Decoder Glasses & Viewers

Oz 3D Optics Red/Red decoder glasses and viewers are perfect for promotional and secret message campaigns, competitions and give-aways.

Everybody Loves Decoder Images

Whether you're young or old most people just love decoder images. The attraction is in the interaction with the hidden message. Give someone something that is interesting and has an element of discovery and almost nobody can refuse to take a look. Depending on what type of decoder promotion you are running, e.g. print or on screen there are many different options to create exciting secret messages to involve your audience.

branded paper decoder glasses 

branded decoder monocular

How a Decoder Image Works

A common method of producing a decoder image is to first lay down a random red dot or block pattern. Next a faint cyan message (not quite visible to the naked eye) is placed over the top of this layer. When the customer looks at the image without the decoder glasses all they see is the red pattern, however once they look at it through the decoder viewers the red lens absorbs the red layer of the image, allowing you to see the hidden message underneath.

Would Like to Know More?

Simply contact Oz 3-D optics to request an information pack and examples of decoder images. This will assist you in developing your own decoder images and promotions.

If you have any further questions please contact the sale stuff Oz 3D Optics.