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Red / Red Decoder Viewers

Red / Red Decoder Viewers

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Custom Printed & Branded Decoder Viewers
If you're looking for a a great promotional product for your next campaign Oz 3D Optics can provide you with your own custom branded decoder viewers printed with your company logo or other advertising artwork. Whatever your requirements give us a call to discuss your needs.


Oz 3D Optics Red/Red decoder viewers are perfect for promotional campaigns competitions and give-aways. So why not make your next promotional campaign one of discovery with decoder viewers. How a Decoder Promotion Works A common method of producing a decoder image is to first lay down a random red dot or block patern. Next a faint cyan message (not quite visible to the naked eye) is placed over the top of this layer. When the customer looks at the image without the decoder viewer all they see is the red pattern, however once they look at it through the decoder viewers the red lens absorbs the red layer of the image, allowing you to see the hidden message underneath. Product Specifications Dimensions: 155mm x 49mm Thickness: 0.5mm Paper Materials: 2 x layers of 250gsm C1S stock, oil based varnish front and back Construction: Coloured filter bonded between two layers of gloss white card.

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